Gypsy Musings

  • S A R A H ❂ G Y P S Y ❂ J A Y N E

    "wild, beautiful & free, just like the sea"

    I would like to introduce Sarah-Jayne, my Novella-Ria Gypsy Tribe Ambassador

    Sarah is such a natural beauty with a free spirited heart and you get that vibe the instant you meet her... I caught up with Sarah to find out a little bit more about her to keep you inspired on your own journey....She is a true little soul sister in this world and I love to see what she gets up to in her N-R Jewels...
    Quiet, friendly, enthusiastic, unique, clumsy
    Inspired by…
    People, nature and the world around us
    Happiness is…
    Loved ones, nature, sunshine
    Free time frolicking…
    I love the ocean, so really anything that puts me close to or in the ocean
    Style is about…
    Vintage, I love finding new uses for peoples old things, simplicity and of course comfort
    Favourite place in Perth…
    Sandtracks Beach
    If you could have dinner with anyone in the world who would it be?
    Stevie Nicks
    What springs to mind when you wear Novella-Ria Jewels?
    Unique, inspired, natural, beautiful, gyspy, free
    **follow us on Instagram to see many more adventures of Sarah in her Gypsy Jewels
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    • Nikki O says...

      Love the photos of Sarah Gypsy! The jewellery looks smashing on her and she carries & honours the pieces well.
      Look fwd to seeing more!

      N xxx

      On July 28, 2015

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