Gypsy Musings

  • ❖ What is Silence all about ❖

    Some Friday thoughts for my beautiful gypsy followers...


    There is a silence

    A stillness, deep within

    An absence of patterns

    Where light and shadow blend


    To the darkness

    Of the void of the unknown


    Total nothingness

    That thunders all alone

    Travel into the pulsing of

    Silent time or space

    The quiet mind

    Brings calmness

    Infinite, eternal grace

    Born inside silence

    Is the will---to be

    Chaos becomes order

    The holiness of life---

    The unfolding of great mystery

    - Jamie Sams


    I currently find my silence early in the mornings and at night in a sling at an Aerial fitness class. How do you find yours?

    Peace & Love,


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