‘Leatherette Warrior’ is the latest Novella-Ria collection inspired by mother Earth’s elements and created for a tribe of unique warriors.

rustic | geometric | raw | matte | corroded | ancient | mixed metals | texture

The range is sculpturally created with .925 silver and gold plated components and ornamented with stones of clear crystal, matte black, worn gold, silver and light opaque hues.

Each jewel embraces the personality of a powerful gypsy warrior, whose purpose is to ignite the soul spirit, balance the chakras of the wearer and inspire the warrior within.

Her power is embedded in the smell of the earth. She is bound by no obligations and barred by no human limitations. The spirit in her salutes the spirit in you- Zelda

She is truth. The sea and the stardust speak to her, kindred spirits calling her home. Nothing is greater than her- Grace

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