Novella Ria

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    She’ll sing all night long, with with fuel from the sun’s rays, dancing and flowing with her tambourine of silver sparkles

    The fine stone ring 
    Onyx, Moonstone, Turquoise
    Sterling silver or gold plated
    Stone: 3mm

    A perfect pair with Cybele or Tyche rings worn on top, but just as beautiful on its own.

    XS (US 3)- 14.1mm (can be worn on either little finger or as mid finger ring)
    S (US 6)- 16.5mm
    M (US 7)- 17.3mm
    L (US 8)- 18.1mm

    O N Y X
    protection + grounding | guardian for negativity | rely on your own powers

    M O O N S T O N E 
    purity innocence unity | the talisman of the inward journey

    T U R Q U O I S E
    unites the earth + sky | energy flow | wisdom + nobility