‘Spirit. x’ a collection inspired by mother Earth’s elements and created for a tribe of unique warriors.

align | X.O | tune IN | mineral | mysticism | golden mean | alchemy| all seeing eye

Refined, raw and minimalist, this collection has been stripped back to allow the power of the crystals and symbols to shine through.

The range is sculpturally created with .925 silver, gold plated and rhodium plated components and ornamented with stones of quartz, larvikite moonstone, white marble turquoise, amazonite and matte onyx in worn gold, gunmetal, blush and mist opaque hues.

Symbolism is evident throughout with triangles representing fire and water and sphere variations of the moon phases mixed with the ideas and uses of Alchemy.
Each jewel embraces the personality of a powerful goddess, whose purpose is to ignite the soul spirit, balance the chakras of the wearer and inspire the spirit within.

The lady holding deux crystals, she will keep you balanced and protected within all circumstances - Atlas

She is the mermaid of the sea, born under the luminescence of the full moon. The sea protects and guides her to find the treasures hidden within her soul - Thalassa

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