What the Gypsies are saying about the Jewels....

"I love my Novella-Ria gypsy crystals. Every piece has an individual character and is unique and different – which is amazing.
These jewels (just like the lady who makes them) are special and that's why I keep coming back"
- Emma J

"Pretty with a pinch of Rock n Roll"
- Laura S

"The Bullet Quartz Necklaces are stylish without being over styled and convey a raw feel with the used bullet shells and jagged natural unprocessed quartz. They are also a nice balance of chunky and make a statement but are still refined and almost delicate, which means they are versatile. They are hand-made which adds to all of the above and knowing how the designer lives life i.e., travel, fun, varied, a gypsy, I like the whole brand and what it stands for"
- Laura R

"Unique, quirky, playful, eye candy. Simple while still making a statement"
- Estelle

"The colours and the designs and the variety of the jewels across the range make it a brand. The pieces are edgy, different and each take on their own meaning"
- Rob W

"The jewellery is individualistic. No two items would be exactly the same and that is very appealing about them"
- Amanda W

"Unique hand-made with love, pieces that are not going to date. They are just different and I like that a lot"
- Sarah C