Novella Ria

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  • Description

    The energy of the new moon is at the height of her power and her teachings flow with the natural rhythm of life

    She calms, encourages and assists with stimulating the psychic perception, vision and dream work

    Hold her close for she is the talisman to evoke inspiration, unity and innocence on your life journey

    The signature stone ring.
    Moonstone, Onyx, Rose Quartz, Turquoise
    Sterling silver
    Stone: 6mm. Turquoise stone is 7mm.

    A perfect pair with Cybele or Tyche rings worn on top, but just as beautiful on its own.

    Sizes: (adjustable) 
    S-M - 16>mm
    M-L - 18>mm

    M O O N S T O N E
    purity innocence unity | the talisman of the inward journey

    O N Y X
    protection + grounding | guardian for negativity | rely on your own powers

    R O S E  Q U A R T Z
    love spells | unconditional love | peace + compassion

    T U R Q U O I S E
    unites the earth + sky | energy flow | wisdom + nobility