• COSMOS Element Sun sign series

    Novella Ria

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  • Description

    The orbits of the planet; initiating, maintaining and changing energy through the signs of the sun. Pick your Sunsign to find your Triangle element

    Bracelet is crafted with a sterling silver gold plated triangle charm on an adjustable thin cotton cord
    Triangles: 7mm
    Size: Full open circumference is 23cm, slides pull in to fit any wrist size

    Cardinal signs- Initiate energy
    Fixed signs- Maintain energy
    Mutable Signs- Change energy

    W A T E R RECEPTIVE CALM Pisces (mutable) Cancer (cardinal) Scorpio (fixed)

    A I R FLOW CHANGING Libra (cardinal) Gemini (mutable) Aquarius (fixed)

    E A R T H  GROUNDED PRACTICAL Virgo (mutable) Taurus (fixed) Capricorn (cardinal)

    F I R E ACTIONAL INTUATIVE Leo (fixed) Aries (cardinal) Sagitarius (mutable)

    T R I- A N G L (throat chakra)
    orbits of the planet | Water, Air, Earth, Fire