Novella Ria

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  • Description

    The world, the round, the circulating sphere
    She rests along the centre line of three chakras; the throat, heart and the solar plexus
    She assists with your flow and balance of energy
    She is the divine

    Necklace is crafted with a rhodium plated brass ring and a moon of matte black onyx, larvikite or lapis lazuli
    Sterling silver chain: 80cm
    Moon: 20mm
    Moons are suspended through the ring with the chain and move freely in and out of the ring
    N-R tag at the clasp end

    O N Y X (root chakra)
    protection + grounding | guardian for negativity | rely on your own powers

    L A R V I K I T E (root, throat, brow, crown chakra)
    activates grand dreams | grounding energies to nature | connection with the spirit guides

    L A P I S  L A Z U L I (third eye chakra)
    empowerment + intuition | stone of truth | encourages honesty in the spirit

    M O O N (bindu chakra)
    Full moon | realisation | awaken to the possibilities laid before you